All-Media Translation

Tongues All-Media Translation
(Complete Media Translations!)

Tongues All-Media Translation includes the three components of high-quality content that require translation:

  1. Audio (lip-sync, dubbing quality, multi-channel soundtrack mixing, audio effects)
  2. Video (graphics, text, signage, lower thirds, captions, credits)
  3. Music (Lyrics translation, AI Voice Singing, Music mixing and mastering)

Tongues can translate and dub ALL sections of your media content with high quality. Combining surround sound, audio mixing, lyrics translated into any language you want, AI singing, and your music content. Video visuals are carefully translated within your content and returned in the same media formats, or any format you specify.

Our All-Media Translation service benefits TV, movies, episodes, training videos, and webisodes. We can also handle enormous inventories. This service is complemented with our Branded Voices, largest inventory of AI voices for media anywhere, and our team of audio editors, video editors, translators, quality control and proprietary technology and systems.