Tongues API Pricing

Real Time API Series, Speech translation from any major language, to any major language. 

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Tongues API Services are built for fast delivery with dedicated resources for your development needs. 

If you questions, please contact us;

Additional support beyond implementation is available contact us for more details. 

Setup Includes:

  • API Documentation
  • Swagger (OpenAPI) page
  • 5 Hours of implementation support ($1,250 value)
  • Postman collection
  • Usage control panel (coming soon) to track your package usage.
You can have multiple API-KEY and package combinations.


Real Time API Series: S2ST, S2TT, T2ST, S2STT : $0.11/minute
(about $0.000183 per character)

Enterprise pricing is negotiable based upon volumes.

All usage calculated in milliseconds. Usage is added to the Concurrent Connections cost, and must be purchased with a package below.

Dedicated Resources, for High Speed,
API Translations for Real Time Communication

Real Time

Limited Trial,
5 usage hours,
15 days.


5 Concurrent Connections

Great for Agents, Internal Translation Solutions, Private Apps.

$500 Monthly

Usage Billed Monthly.

Includes 5 usage hours monthly.

10 Concurrent Connections

Use for Small Contact Centers, Corporate Conference Apps. 

$1,000 Monthly

Usage Billed Monthly.

Includes 10 usage hours monthly.

20 Concurrent Connections

Create Voice Chat, Metaverse translations, Event translation apps. 

$2,000 Monthly

Usage Billed Monthly.

Includes 20 usage hours monthly.

20+ Enterprise

Social Media Platforms. Large Apps or Hardware Translations. Call Center, Medical Translation Applications. Lower per minute pricing.

For existing customers only. Prepay for additional usage. 
For active subscriptions, usage Never Expires!