Audio Book Creation in Your Voice

TTS Audio Book (Branded Voice) Solution

We provide audio book creation, using the author’s branded voice, to read the content dynamically. Using our cutting edge technology, the author records a human-sounding, branded voice for their exclusive use.  The branded voice is used to read the book into a file for distribution. Also, we can translate, not just the text, but enable the AI voice to speak in over 4,000 (voices, languages, pitches, dialects) with emotion, expression, and changes in speed and volume that reflect the passion of the author’s work.

  • We can add multiple voices (credits, titles, call outs, verses) in different voices.
  • Add sound effects to dramatize as little or as much as you desire.
  • Add background music (sound track) to the book with Generative AI music.
  • Quotes, other speakers within the text can have unique voices, even across languages.