Audio / Video Translation
Tongues Translation Services - Audio / Video


TTS Audio/Video Translation Solutions
(Audiovisual Translation AVT)

  • Support nearly all video or audio formats (podcasts, tv, radio, movies).
  • Provide audio or video translations in 60+ languages.
  • Display multiple captions and audio tracks within the same player.
  • Offer different voices per speaker. (voice dubbing)
  • Support NextGen TV media formats.
  • Support MP4, HLS, DASH multi-language format encoding.
  • Offer multi-language player and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for global distribution.
  • Provide vital Subtitles/Captions in videos for hearing-impaired or deaf viewers.
  • Audio books, podcast and other formats can be localized for target audiences.

Why are captions important?
80% of people on Facebook “react negatively” to video that auto-plays sound. Videos with captions get 16% more reach on Facebook, are shared 15% more, get 17% better reactions and get 26% more call-to-action click-throughs.