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Tongues: Branded AI Dubbing & Voice Translation

Summefield, Florida, October 18, 2023 — Tongues Translation Services (TTS), a leading media translation provider, is thrilled to introduce several revolutionary advancements in dubbing technology, aimed at enhancing content accessibility and connectivity on a global scale.

The centerpiece of our new offering is AI Dubbing and Voice Translation. This pioneering solution leverages state-of-the-art AI to translate and replace the original video’s audio with a different language, while preserving the subtleties and characteristics of the speakers’ voices. The result is a dubbed video that is natural, authentic, and ready to captivate international audiences.

In addition to boosting language accessibility, our novel features support a broad range of video formats and platforms including MP4, HLS, NextGenTV, YouTube, TikTok, X (Twitter), and Vimeo. Tongues offers superbly translated dubbing, forming a comprehensive platform for international communication.

Furthermore, we’re introducing Multi-Language Branded Voice (Cloning), a remarkable tool that personalizes content by replicating it in the speaker’s own voice across 65 languages and dialects. This innovation fosters a direct, authentic connection with global audiences, enhancing user engagement and amplifying content impact. In addition, our AI Dubbing platform can communicate in more than 170 languages and dialects, from our selection of over 4,000 AI voices available.

Our suite of new services also comprises Video Graphics Translations, Generative AI, and AI Music Development, encapsulating the varied requirements of our diverse client base.

To experience the future of content dubbing, simply the click on Get Started at our website, provide info about your project, and allow TTS to handle the rest.

AI Dubbing Features

FeaturesTonguesCompany XCompany Y
Translation ProofingYES, STANDARDNODIY
Video Graphics TranslationYESNONO
Voice CorrectionsYESNOMAYBE
Voice Cloning Languages6527??
Dubbing Lang & Dialects17027??
Dubbing Voice Inventory Available4000+1000+Under 200
CDN BroadcastingYESNONO
Inventory ManagementYESDIYNO
TV, Movie QualityYESYouTubeMAYBE
Custom Music MixingYESNONO
Surround SoundYESNONO
Video AnimationYESNONO
Human Quality Control and ReviewYESNONO

At TTS, we are committed to connecting organizations and audiences worldwide, unleashing the power of multilingual communication through our ingenious AI-powered tools and human expertise.


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Tongues Translation Services (TTS) is a front-runner in providing top-class media translation and dubbing services, combining advanced technologies and linguistic proficiency to ensure exceptional quality in audio, video, and print projects.

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