Our Mission: We use breakthrough technology to provide excellent translation, transcription, captions, and subtitles for your audio, video, and print projects. We offer LIVE, On Demand or API services for your demanding workflows.

Our Vision: To help expand territories by providing innovative, pioneering technology that removes language barriers to transmit words into meaningful and clear communication in the heart language of your audience.

Our Purpose: Nearly 64 million Americans speak a different language, and most people want to communicate and build relationships beyond their local community. Cross-cultural communication has always been essential to preserve history, educate, share ideas, culture, and inspire people. TTS makes information more accessible, searchable, and available to a wider audience by expanding territories using revolutionary translation/transcription/media services.
Our team: TTS is a multi-national company founded by Franklin Mayfield, CEO, in 2021. The Co-Founder and CTO is Manik Arora, MS (Computer Science). Although the company is new, our founders are not new to the industry. They have over 25 years of combined experience in the translation industry, and over 60 years in the technology industry.

Together they manage a diverse team of professionals in the United States, South Africa, Ghana, and India. Additional staff include, production, editing/proofreading, research & development, audio/video editors, graphic designers, marketing professionals and professional translators.

Our Products & Services: TTS is in high demand for several reasons. We use breakthrough technologies to provide excellent translation, transcription, captions, and subtitles for your audio, video, and print projects. Also, LIVE, Simulated Live, and On Demand for your demanding workflow.

  • TTS Cloud Translation/Encoding Solution for Media: We can acquire files from your storage location (AWS, Azure, Google Drive, DropBox, FTP), process,
    and upload them back to your location with notices, “completed files ready for broadcast.”
  • TTS Delivery Solutions: Plain Text File, Word or PDF Document, XML, Caption Formats include SRT, SCC and WebVTT, which are the primary formats we use. But we can read or export over 200 caption formats.
  • TTS Media Player Solution: Our Embeddable Multi-Language Player has a range of capabilities that are not possible with other systems.
    • VOD Playback
    • Captions or Subtitles
    • 4K Video Capable
    • Embed within your website or app
    • Multi Language Audio Tracks
    • CDN Ready
  • TTS Audio/Video Translation Solutions (AI Audiovisual Translation AVT):
    Captions, Translations and Dubbing
    • Support nearly all video or audio formats (podcasts, tv, radio, movies).
    • Provide audio or video translations in 100+ dialects and languages.
    • Display multiple captions and audio tracks within the same player.
    • Offer different voices per speaker. (voice dubbing)
    • Support NextGen TV media formats.
    • Support MP4, HLS, DASH multi-language format encoding.
    • Offer multi-language player and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for
      global distribution.
    • Provide vital Subtitles/Captions in videos for hearing-impaired or deaf viewers.
    • Audio books, podcast and other formats can be localized for target audiences.
  • TTS Text Format Translations Solutions
    • Accurate translations in 400+ languages
    • Books, brochures and text translated, proofed and verified
    • AI, AI+Human or Human-Centered Translations
    • AI, AI+Human or Human-Based Review and Proofing
    • Sampling to verify the translation process
  • TTS Audio Book (Branded Voice) Solution: We provide audio book creation, using the author’s branded voice, to read the content dynamically. Using our cutting-edge technology, the author records a human-sounding, branded voice for their exclusive use. The branded voice is used to read the book into a file for distribution. Also, we can translate, not just the text, but enable the AI voice to speak in over 1,800 (combined languages, pitches, dialects) with emotion, expression, and changes in speed and volume that reflect the passion of the author’s work.

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“TTS took our ministry to another level. It gives people the ability to reach more people in more languages for His glory.” — Evangelist Lukas, South Africa

Franklin Mayfield, TTS, CEO

TTS is a privately held, international owned, LLC. Based in Florida USA.
We use breakthrough technologies to provide excellent transcription, translation, captions, and subtitles for your audio, video, and print projects.