DIY-SaaS Translations vs. Tongues Translations Services LLC

In order to effectively compare similar-looking products or services, it is crucial to analyze their differences rather than just their similarities. Understanding and acknowledging these distinctions is important for your organization, internal processes, external stakeholders, and audience.

In the market, there are several Software as a Service competitors that are targeting global media producers and are well-advertised. While initially catered to DIY users in the source language, these platforms are now incorporating features like translations and Voice Cloning. However, they lack essential features that are provided by Tongues Translations Services LLC, such as Quality at Scale, which sets TTS apart from its competitors. This document will highlight these variations between the services.



DIY SaaS Unified Hybrid Production Platform


Small businesses, home offices, and independent creators. Small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses. Teams seeking full-service solutions for projects with large quantities of files to process, such as TV series, inventory, archives, and courses.


To effectively use a DIY translation system, users need comprehensive expertise across several areas, including language pairs, linguistics (sound, emotion, and vocabulary), and translation skills (grammar, colloquialisms, formality, gender, and industry-specific knowledge). Additionally, audio engineering capabilities (which involve managing background noises and voice effects, and are often not supported by many systems) as well as independent quality control reviews are crucial. A lack in any of these areas could compromise the quality of the final product. We’ve developed expert systems supported by professional staff, which we term AI+Human. We offer the most reliable translations across all required language pairs. Our professional translation teams ensure high-quality, dependable results. Additionally, we have an audio and video editing team ready to deliver cinema-grade audio engineering for your projects. Our process includes Six Sigma Project Management and thorough QA, QOS, and QC reviews by our trained native language experts to maintain exceptional standards.


On a DIY platform, each user is responsible for uploading, managing, editing, reviewing, redoing, and processing content. This is in addition to the time required to learn and refine through trial and error to achieve satisfactory results. The time invested increases with each file processed. Simply grant access to your storage content and outline your project requirements—our project managers, department heads, and quality control team will handle everything from there. You’ll receive updates on progress and notifications when files are complete, all uploaded to your preferred storage location. Your time investment remains minimal, regardless of the size of your media inventory.


In most cases, MP4, stereo audio, HD-1080p or lower. We maintain the quality of your source content and return it to you with translations integrated directly into the media.

Video: 4K, 2K, HD-1080p
Audio: Stereo, Surround Sound; 5.1, 7.1, 7.2
File Formats: MP4, MP2, MP3, M4A
Streaming: HLS, DASH, HEVC
Captions: VTT, SRT, SCC, Embedded


On a DIY platform, the user must verify each translation for accuracy, including checking grammar, inappropriate language, and overall quality. If necessary, these translations might need to be exported (if the system allows) and sent to an external translator for further verification. This is aside from addressing any issues with audio, video graphics (which most systems cannot translate), and caption formatting, which varies by language, country, and may include legal requirements. After making corrections, the content requires another round of review. Our process begins with a thorough content review to address any elements that may not translate effectively. Next, the content is transferred to our Translation Department where our sophisticated AI engine, specifically calibrated for each language pair such as English to Spanish, carries out the translations. These are then rigorously vetted through our proprietary Quality Assurance (QA) processes by professional translators. At this juncture, you have the option to review the translations to ensure confidence in our meticulous procedures.

Following translation approval, the project progresses to our Audio Quality of Service (QOS) department for audio creation, review, and refinement. Once it meets our stringent QOS criteria, it moves to our Media Generation – Quality Control department. Here, the final product undergoes formatting and comprehensive review to ensure it aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Unlike the standard TEP (translate, edit, proof) process employed by most Translation Service providers, we implement TEPPP (translate, edit, proof, perfection, and presentation) methodology, underscoring the added layers of quality and attention to detail in our work. There is a clear difference in the depth and diligence of our approach.


Most DIY SaaS solutions impose restrictions on storage capacity, file size uploads, and the number of files. Additionally, these platforms are typically not built to manage large volumes of files, expecting users to handle them one at a time. Our platform, team, and workflow are specifically designed to handle extensive libraries of TV shows, movies, training videos, and courses, eliminating the inefficiencies of one-by-one file processing. We can swiftly transfer your vast inventory to our unlimited storage systems for seamless production. Post-processing, we can directly upload the finalized content into your storage platform, minimizing time spent on file management. With years of experience in managing millions of files—including mp4s, captions, ts, and fMP4 formats for translation projects—we are proficient in streamlining large-scale translation efforts.


Most DIY-SaaS systems are tailored for individual users rather than teams, typically supporting a one-in-one-out workflow. These platforms limit throughput to what a single user can manage, making large volume processing impractical. They are designed for creators who prefer to invest time in the creation process rather than for handling high volumes efficiently. Our workflow is optimized for handling substantial volumes, capable of processing hundreds of TV episode translations per customer each month. Your team has the option to participate in the review process prior to finalizing the audio, though this is not obligatory. Consider the challenge of managing hundreds of files without our services. We achieve this high throughput efficiently, saving you considerable time and effort.


The user must be the expert on the content and often relies on the DIY platform to compensate for any expertise gaps. This reliance is usually based on the assumption that “lots of others are using it too,” rather than on rigorous testing and verification by native speakers. This approach involves a degree of blind trust, as it assumes the platform’s effectiveness without concrete proof. We combine the best of both worlds: AI and human expertise. Our team includes:

  • Source language writers, authors, and editors.
  • Professionally accredited translators.
  • Expert audio and video editors, and musicians.
  • A linguistic team dedicated to language and audio excellence.
  • Native language reviewers and translators for thorough Quality Control.
  • A robust array of MT, AI, AGI, and LLM systems, enhanced by our proprietary applications, APIs, and intellectual properties.

As we delve deeper, the issue becomes clear: while a DIY-SaaS might serve short-term needs or function as a prototype, it’s unlikely to meet long-term objectives. The thrill of using new GenAI tools is undeniable, given their advanced capabilities, but our focus is on building reliable production systems equipped with the latest AI technology, courtesy of our forward-thinking R&D that consistently stays ahead of current GenAI trends.

If you require translations for movies, TV shows, training videos, courses, audiobooks, or printed materials that meet high standards of quality and scalability, we are here to support your long-term goals.
Tongues Translation Services LLC – Quality at Scale!