Experience Seamless Language Translation: Connect Across Indian Languages ANY-2-ANY

Experience the game-changer in multilingual communication with Tongues Translations Real Time APIs.

This groundbreaking API series focuses on Indian languages, allowing seamless translation from any major Indian language to another.

Whether it’s Hindi to Tamil, Bengali to English, or Assamese to Urdu, the Speech Based APIs offer unparalleled language flexibility for businesses targeting Indian audiences.

Imagine effortless cross-cultural collaboration and global reach like never before. With lightning-fast, accurate translations, these APIs empower chatbots, websites, and organizations to break language barriers in real-time.

Tongues Translations Real Time APIs – S2STT, built on OpenAPI standards, will open doors to a world where communication knows no bounds. Sign up for a trial today and embark on a journey towards limitless multilingual possibilities.

Trial: https://tongues.services/trial-signup-for-api-usage/
Prices: https://tongues.services/api/

Our APIs are designed for Developers, Integrators, and others ready to empower their solutions with powerful cross language communications, accurately.

To explore the documentation and code samples for Tongues Translation Services’ Real-Time API Series on the Postman API Network, please visit the following links:

Postman API Network: Real-Time API Series Documentation


English (EN)
Hindi (HI)
Assamese (AS)
Bengali (BN)
Dogri (DOI)
Gujarati (GU)
Kannada (KN)
Kashmiri (KS)
Konkani (GOM)
Maithili (MAI)
Malayalam (ML)

Manipuri (MNI)
Marathi (MR)
Nepali (NE)
Odia (OR)
Punjabi (PA)
Sanskrit (SA)
Santali (SAT)
Sindhi (SD)
Tamil (TA)
Telugu (TE)
Urdu (UR)