Expert Website Translation & Development Services


Tongues’ Expert Website Translation & Development Services

Capture the Global Market with Precision: Expert Website Translation Services

With Tongues Website Translations, we craft experiences that resonate with audiences, no matter the language they speak. With our comprehensive Website Translation services, we’re breaking down language barriers and connecting your brand to a global audience.

Front-end Finesse:

Experience the power of seamless communication with responsive web design and intuitive UI, expertly adapted for global markets. Our translations go beyond words, encompassing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development, and even Single Page Applications (SPAs) – all to ensure your website speaks flawlessly to every user.

Back-end Brilliance:

Robust server-side scripting in Node.js, Python, Ruby, .NET, PHP, and CRM forms the backbone of our service. We seamlessly integrate databases and APIs, all while customizing Content Management Systems for a harmonized multilingual presence that feels native to every visitor.

Search Engine Savvy:

Our team meticulously tailors on-page SEO through keyword optimization, meta tags, and URL structuring, ensuring your translated content ranks high worldwide. In the realm of off-page SEO, we fortify your presence with strategic backlinking and social media integration, including localized SEO and Online Reputation Management for unparalleled digital authority.

Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing:

Dominate the global digital landscape with our translated tailored strategies, from gripping localized social media campaigns to compelling content marketing, including blogs, infographics, and native language videos. We refine advertising with Google Ads, social media ads, and sharp display advertising, all informed by thorough analytics and data insights.

Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development:

Engage users across platforms and languages with native iOS and Android apps, or opt for cross-platform solutions with React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin (evolving into .NET MAUI). We design mesmerizing localized mobile experiences that captivate users globally, delivering exceptional quality from initial design to ongoing maintenance. All in the heart language of your customers.

Let Tongues provide your website with the translation expertise your organization needs to reach your regional, continental, or international audience. We are ready to start your expansion, are you?