It’s Our 3rd Year Anniversary

Ocala, Florida, March 1, 2024 — Tongues Translations Services LLC, now completing its third year in operation, continues to push boundaries with groundbreaking advancements in live translations through its Instant and Real-Time API Series. These innovations serve as an ideal anniversary offering to the world, showcasing the company’s pioneering status as a global leader in AI-API First translation and media solutions.

Maintaining its position as the frontrunner, the company boasts the most extensive collection of AI voices for media production, exceeding 4,700 options. The new API Series  provides comprehensive support for the majority of the world’s top 100 languages, facilitating seamless voice and text translations in any language combination. Delivering the highest quality for dubbing TV shows, movies, and videos using AI-based technologies, Tongues ensures expression-filled voices, nuanced translations, surround sound, audio mixing, branded voices, video graphics translations, and music translations.

AI Innovation with Human Supervision and quality controls.

From the inception to the completion of media projects, all translations meet or surpass the quality of the customer’s original content. These are just a few of the innovations achieved over the past year, with tangible evidence setting Tongues apart from competitors.

“Amazing growth, the 300% growth of TTS over the previous year even amazes me”, Franklin Mayfield, CEO of Tongues Translations LLC.

“It is a testimony to the strength of our combined team, technology, and bleeding edge passion for media translation innovation.”, Manik Arora, CTO and Co-Founder of TTS.

Anticipating even greater expansion this year, Tongues foresees increased integration of their Speech to Speech and Text Translations APIs into various sectors, including gaming, call centers, social media apps, and metaverse platforms.

About TTS:

Tongues Translation Services, LLC is a leading provider of innovative language translation solutions, specializing in APIs and AI-driven technology. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on real-time communication, high quality dubbing video, and translated media solutions, we empower businesses and organizations to connect with a global audience effortlessly. For more information, visit

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