Live Event Translation System

LIVE Event Translation System (open beta, reduced pricing)

  • For 1 to many events (conferences, public speaking, church services…)
  • Provide audio or video translations in 5, 10, 50, 100, 200+ dialects and languages.
  • Display multiple captions and audio tracks within the same player.
  • Provides a different voice for each speaker in each language, live!
  • HLS multi-language format encoding.
  • Using our multi-language player and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for global distribution or your CDN

Tongues Translation Services LLC is the first in most of what we just described.

Your live stream is sent to our servers, we process and encode the voices, captions into your live stream. Then we route it to either your CDN or ours. To be played within a standard player, or our enhanced javascript player. We can also stream to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire or any platform that supports multi-language live streaming and playback. Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo do not. There is a lead time, setup for this service, and testing done before the event goes live. Contact us to find out more