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Contact: Jim Schmidt
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Forum 12: Tongues Translations Services at NRB 2023 – New Services, Breakthrough Technology

Orlando, Florida, May 22-24, 2023 — Tongues Translation Services LLC, a market leader in All Media Translations, Dubbing, and Branded Voice, will announce new services based on the over 250 Machine Translation and AI Systems integrated into our toolkit.

Tongues Live Translations, Tongues Branded Voice, Tongues All-Media Translation

  • Tongues Live Translations for events and broadcasts, featuring unique voices for each speaker. Captions, audio, and video are all merged into a single media stream that is compatible with AppleTV, NextGen TV, web players, smart TVs, and Roku. Our live broadcasts can be seen on platforms that support HLS with multiple audio tracks and captions. Designed for “one-to-many” broadcasting, with CDN-based distribution to reach hundreds of thousands or more LIVE! Captions are available in 250 languages, and voice is available in over 100.
  • Tongues Branded Voice is Your Voice in a language other than your native tongue. Your content, your voice, speaking in languages you’ve never imagined before. Branded Voice is available in over 65 different languages. Your voice in Spanish, French, Hindi, Russian, German, Hebrew, Bengali, and other languages. Your content will be accurate, with your voice, expression, and style, thanks to our superb AI+Human translations. All our emotions, pace, and loudness enhancements are compatible with branded and our 3,500 AI voices.
  • Tongues All-Media Translation includes the three components of high-quality content that require translation:
    1. Audio (lip-sync, dubbing quality, multi-channel soundtrack mixing, audio effects)
    2. Video (graphics, text, signage, lower thirds, captions, credits)
    3. Music (Lyrics translation, AI Voice Singing, Music mixing and mastering)

Tongues can translate and dub ALL sections of your media content with high quality. Combining surround sound, audio mixing, lyrics translated into any language you want, AI singing, and your music content. Video visuals are carefully translated within your content and returned in the same media formats, or any format you specify. Our All-Media Translation service benefits TV, movies, episodes, training videos, and webisodes. We can also handle enormous inventories.

Tongues at NRB 2023

Tongues is a leader in AGI, Generative AI, Machine Translation integration with Human refinement, oversight, and review, resulting in excellence for your media demands. We have the proof, as well as years of expertise, working for some of the world’s greatest organizations. 

Tongues will be demonstrating our services at the NRB 2023 Convention; Christians at Web3.  Our CEO, Franklin Mayfield and Senior Executive Account Advisor, Jim Schmidt, will be available to answer any questions.

Our mission is to provide leaders with the tools they need to expand their reach into new regions and audiences.

Christians at Web3: Meet leaders in A/R, VR, Metaverse, Ministry, Gaming, Translations, AI, Advanced Technologies, Incubation, and Businesses that are working together to further God’s Kingdom.

As Christians at Web3, we believe that technology can be a powerful instrument for Christians to spread the faith message and have a positive influence on the world.

Web3 provides enhanced audience reach. Translations are an integral component of a global dialogue: Pre-translated commands, translated instructions within your apps and websites, and live translations in text, chat, and streaming video. One reason Tongues Translations offers superior translations is that we are not reliant on a single engine or supplier.

Our translation infrastructure begins with the best AI engine, then it is verified and reviewed by our worldwide staff of experienced translators that are trained with our own proprietary toolsets and solutions. We deliver the most value while amplifying your content to your intended audience. Tongues Translations Services LLC – Reaching the World with Your Voice.

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Contact: Jim Schmidt
Phone: +1 (404) 399 8340
Mobile: +1 (918) 810 7114

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