NRB 2021

We were excited to be participating at the NRB 2021 Conference. Below are new product announcements, demos and news  from the event. 



Our new Voice Search and Filter System is live. Our team is adding new voices right now to allow you sort and find the perfect voice for your TV, Radio, Movie, Audio Book Projects. 

Click on the INFO > VOICES



We have a number of APIs that we use internally. Some are being released for Public Licensed Access. They are in various stages of current production:

  • TTS-Text Translation API (private use, public beta)
  • TTS-Text To Speech API (private use)
  • TTS-Speech To Text API (private use)
  • TTS-Text Language Detection API (private use)
  • TTS-Caption API (private use, public beta)
  • TTS-Speech API (private use, public beta)
  • TTS-Simulated Live API (private use, public beta)


We have been working diligently on our LIVE Solutions, here is some of what we are announcing in BETA today. 

  • Simulated-Live Platform (player, CDN, API)
  • Live-Multi-Language Streaming (Human Caption Source)
  • Live-Multi-Language Streaming (In Stream Caption Source)
  • Live-Multi-Language Streaming (Automatic Speech Recognition)

NEW Internal Division

To provide the BEST possible quality, accuracy and turnaround, we launched and internal division; TTS-Captioning Services. It provides us with the following.

  • Source Language Captioning in over 60 languages.
  • AI+Human Accuracy and turnaround
  • To the second, timeline accurate captions/subtitles
  • Faster turnaround and scaling for our projects and customers

NEW Company

We are exited to announce the formation of Tongues Translation Services-India LLP.

  • Providing Indian timezone support for regional customers
  • Expanding our workforce in India
  • Growing our sales division in India
  • Compliance with India business and employment requirements

ASL Demo

ASL Demo using our Multi-Language Player. This example only shows 1 additional language, American Sign Language. We can also display multiple camera angles or live speaker cameras within the same live or VOD player. 

Click on hands icon on bottom right of player.

Playlist Demo

Playlist Demo using our Multi-Language Player. This contains demos, and recent projects for a range of customers. 

Click on the Headset to hear voices, CC for captions in the lower right. Click Grid, to choose from the playlist.

Welcome Video

Our Welcome Video includes all AI voices, our Superior Source Captioning, Accurate Translations, and Dynamic background audio cross-mixing. 

Click on the Headset to hear voices, CC for captions in the lower right