Simulated Live Event
Translation System

Simulated LIVE Event Translation System

  • For 1 to many events (conferences, public speaking, church services…)
  • Provide audio or video translations in 5, 10, 50, 100, 200+ dialects and languages.
  • Pre-recorded, but broadcasts just like a Live Event in player.
  • Display multiple captions and audio tracks within the same player.
  • Provides a different voice for each speaker in each language!
  • Branded Multi-Language Voice for key speaker(s).
  • HLS multi-language format encoding.
  • No delay on captions, or voice; all synchronized.
  • Using our multi-language player and Content Delivery Network (CDN) for global distribution or your CDN

Tongues Translation Services LLC Simulated Live Multi-language broadcasting. Currently in open beta testing, so organizations can acquire this service at a reduced cost, while in beta. Your simulated-live can be scheduled any time in the future. Staggered live broadcasting for various timezones is available. Broadcast from our Multi-Language CDN. Using our enhanced javascript player. There is a lead time, setup for this service, and testing done before the event goes live. Contact us to find out more