The following polices cover various aspects of business with TTS-LLS. 

Policy on Client changes, corrections or alterations

Tongues Translation Services LLC (TTS) provides high quality translations, audio voices, encoding services, and broadcast services. There are times in which a customer may want to make changes to work already translated, encoded, mixed or broadcast by TTS. Changes to any work performed due to content changes, edits, corrections or alterations that are due to typos, unfollowed directions or errors on the part of TTS will be corrected at NO COST to the customer.

Changes, corrections or alterations that was NOT based upon work performed by TTS, but are changes made by the customer during or after production of services have been performed by TTS, we will first notified the customer that the change will cost UP AND ABOVE the previously agreed upon services. And may incur rush fees if required to meet a deadline to make the changes requested. TTS is not responsible for communication errors or notices of changes that were not received before, during or after work has been performed.

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