TTS – A Pioneer in the Translation World


What started as a two-man enterprise, has now become a big name in the world of translation and transcription services. Tongues Translation Services LLC (TTS), a dream child of Franklin Mayfield and Manik Arora, is no longer just a dream, but a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence based audio and visual translation services.

Pioneering through translation, transcription, captions, and subtitles for audio, video and print projects, TTS developed various other technologies and solutions to meet the growing demands of clients across the globe.

Being in operations for over a year now, TTS takes pride in introducing itself as one of the best caption translation companies with translations possible in more than 400 languages. Moreover, TTS holds the biggest inventory of AI voices in the world, with over 1,800 voices, dialects and pitches.

Some of the newly introduced technologies and solutions include:

  • Speech Translation System – Multi-language, multiple voices, multi-tract with background audio produced in one operation.
  • Caption Translation System – Accurate AI-based translation system for captions, transcripts, XLIFF generation. Supports; VTT, SRT, SCC, XLIFF, timed transcript formats.
  • Live Translation System – Beta – Branded voice, Multi-speaker, Multi-language, live caption and voice translation directly within the player. No external boxes or windows. Includes video in window capability for Sign-language, live broadcasting as well.
  • Simulated Live – Multi-language, ML-CDN based, complete platform for scheduled broadcasting of events that were pre-recorded, with multiple languages included within the broadcast stream. Scheduling, ML-CDN, Player, Storage all included within the system.
  • Optimized Multilingual Content Delivery Network – ML-CDN, broadcasting with HLS, DASH or MP4 multi-language content directly into multi-language aware platforms; Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Internet TV, Javascript players and more.
  • Optimized Multilingual Players – Based upon industry leading video-JS. Customized player can provide Live, Simulated Live, American Sign Language (ASL), Multi-Language (audio, video, captions) broadcasting.
  • AI-ML-AGI for language Processing, Enhancement, and Accuracy – Optimized, value enhanced, extremely accurate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial General Intelligence base language processing and other enhancements to produce a foundation of translations solutions, that are then further enhanced with human creativity, cultural relevance, and expert translation oversight to deliver excellence translation solutions for client’s global needs.

Most of the above mentioned solutions can be customized according to the user or business’ need. TTS has also engineered the art of dubbing voice overs, unique voice for each character, or branded voice for the stars, with mixed sound effects in all audio languages offered in over 100 languages. TTS also offers multi-lingual content storage and worldwide delivery; broadcasting base for multi-language inventory, to apps, website, or OTT platforms, with low bandwidth prices, and global infrastructure and redundancy. Video processing to match your broadcast needs, or OTT playback with multi-language capacities added in. For today’s or NextGen TV requirements.

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