TTS Hosts One of the Largest Inventory of AI Voices in the World!
Tongues Translation Services - 3,200 AI Voices

Tongues Translation Services LLC (TTS) has added another feather to its cap by introducing more than 3,200 human sourced AI voices, dialects, and pitches. TTS now holds one of the largest inventory of AI voices in the world.

TTS, a pioneer in conversion of information from one language to another, provides an opportunity to preserve history, share ideas and culture, educate, and inspire people by crossing language barriers to make communication easy.

Translation services are important to communicate with a worldwide audience. Human sourced translation services help in expanding global reach in ways people have never experienced before. That’s where TTS comes in – with over 3,200 human sourced AI voices, dialects, and pitches available, it is now possible to reach some of the remotest locations in the world. TTS’ built-in quality tools and integrated API remove inefficient workflows, improve project consistency and quality, and ensure error-free delivery.

“Everyone at TTS has put in a lot of effort to reach to this point, where we can proudly say that we have one of the largest inventory/library in the world of AI voices. TTS is ready to move forward and achieve greater milestones. This is an opportunity for us to capture newer audiences and get more creative with our approach and ideas, at over 3,200 we have one of the World’s Largest Artificial Voice Libraries!” Franklin Mayfield, CEO and Co-founder, TTS-LLC.

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