Instant API Series
TONGUES Instant API Series

Tongues’ Instant API Series

Text Translations, Voice or Transcription in Less than 1/2 Second!

Instant API Seriesfrom any major language, to any major language. OpenAPI Specification APIs for your development success. View Pricing Info. 

Only 2 required parameters. Audio input BASE64 (WAV, MP3 or M4A), language code or Tongues voice code. 

1. T2T (Text-to-Text Translation): Translations from source text, to target text, accurate, and fluid. Validated, tested for best translations for each language pair combination. At or close to 1/2 second on hundreds of language pairs. [Text Translation Only]

2. S2T/ASR (Speech-to-Text/Automatic Speech Recognition): With this innovative API, you can “speak” and immediately transcribe your words in any major language. [Source Transcription]

3. T2S (Text-to-Speech): Generate high quality audio FAST from our API-Ready voices, or from our expansive inventory of 4,700+ AI voices (includes a large range of languages and dialects). Build it into your voice platforms, audio tools or media solutions. [Speech Generation]

All of these simple APIs perform at less than 1/2 second!  T2T, S2T and our T2S using our API-Ready voices. For the rest of our voice inventory, the speed varies. 

These are added to our Real Time API Series S2ST, S2TT, T2ST, S2STT APIs. These APIs perform at about 1 second speeds. They comprise our New Real Time API Series.

In the realm of communication technology, “instant” is typically defined as having a latency of one half second or less. To put this in perspective, the API speed about 500ms, human reaction time is about 250-270ms.

We offer a flexible pricing structure for our APIs, based on three financial stages:

1. Setup/Access Fee: Get started with a one-time setup fee.
2. Usage: Pay for the usage of our APIs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.
3. Concurrent Scaling Requirements: Scale your usage to meet your project’s demands as needed.

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