Revolutionary API’s for Seamless Multilingual Communication



Tongues Translation Services, LLC Unveils Revolutionary APIs for Seamless Multilingual Communication

Summefield, Florida, January 12, 2024 — Tongues Translation Services, LLC is proud to introduce a game-changing suite of Private APIs designed to transform the way we communicate. As an API and AI-driven company, we have leveraged cutting-edge technology to develop a range of solutions that empower businesses with unparalleled capabilities.

Our current lineup of Private APIs, including ASR/S2T (Automatic Speech Recognition / Speech-to-Text), T2S (Text-to-Speech), and T2T (Text-to-Text), has garnered extensive praise for its adaptability and success in crafting engaging demonstrations and content for our valued clients.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our Real Time API series:

1. S2ST (Speech-to-Speech Translation): This groundbreaking API allows for real-time language translation during phone calls, chat conversations, and instant messaging apps. Imagine speaking in French while your conversation partner hears and responds in Spanish, in real time.

2. S2TT (Speech-to-Text Translation): With this innovative API, you can “speak” to your website, device, or virtual assistant, and it will immediately transcribe your words into the chosen language, enabling effortless cross-lingual communication.

3. S2STT (Speech-to-Speech-and-Text Translation): Perfect for healthcare and hospitality industries, this API enables users to select their source language, speak to a kiosk, and have the desk attendant hear and see the text in their preferred language, regardless of the language spoken. Real-time, seamless communication has never been easier.

4. T2ST (Text-to-Speech-Translation): From a simple text message, conversion to the target language in speech; high speed, audio translations, with simplicity. Great for translation apps or other solutions that need this specific ability. 

In the realm of technology, “real time” is typically defined as having a latency of two seconds or less. To put this in perspective, we naturally pause for approximately one second at the end of each sentence when we speak. Our APIs are designed to align with the natural cadence of human conversation, ensuring smooth and effortless communication.

We offer a flexible pricing structure for our APIs, based on three financial stages:

1. Setup/Access Fee: Get started with a one-time setup fee.
2. Usage: Pay for the usage of our APIs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.
3. Concurrent Scaling Requirements: Scale your usage to meet your project’s demands as needed.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of seamless multilingual communication? Contact us today, and our dedicated development team will help your dream project speak in the heart language of your audience.

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At TTS, we are committed to connecting organizations and audiences worldwide, unleashing the power of multilingual communication through our ingenious AI-powered tools and human expertise.

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